Climate Change vs. Big-$$

I wrote this letter to David Leonhardt at the N.Y. Times, in response to the question he posed after Trump withdrew the U.S. from the single most important coalition the world has formed to prevent climate change — the Paris climate accord. His question: “What would a more politically persuasive message about climate change sound like?” 

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The Fundamentalist Flaw

Fundamentalist religions give people what they think is an absolute right to dictate the destinies of others. The notion would be laughable, if the consequences weren’t so tragic. This article explores the impact of fundamentalism on future generations.

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Trump: No Special Prosecutor, Impeachment Unlikely

I just learned that Mitch McConnell has rejected calls for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Trump team’s ties to Russia, and Russian interference in our election. But as much as Trump should be impeached, and deserves to be impeached, and as much as we need a special investigator to examine his ties with Russia, I’m afraid that the Left is underestimating the corporate desire to tear down the American Government.

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Unmasking “The Federalist Society”

AKA: State Funding of Religious Schools is a Terrible Idea

I saw an excellent YouTube ad for the Federalist Society, that presented what seemed on the surface to be a fair and balanced view of an issue I was interested in. The ad had the tag: “Debate – Discuss – Decide”. It sounded good. So I went to their site. Alas, I was misled.

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Working with Bowker ISBNs

You should know going in that if Bowker didn’t have a monopoly, there is no way it would stay in business. The interface is that bad. But if you’re intrepid, you can get the ISBN and barcodes you need for your book, and be the “publisher of record”.

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