Working with Bowker ISBNs

You should know going in that if Bowker didn’t have a monopoly, there is no way it would stay in business. The interface is that bad. But if you’re intrepid, you can get the ISBN and barcodes you need for your book, and be the “publisher of record”.

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The Coming Corporate Feudalism

Can it be Stopped?

The world is heading towards a new feudal age run by corporations and the wealthy elite. It’s possible we can prevent that outcome, but only if we harness Web technology in ways that let us take charge of democracy…Now!

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References and Call to Action

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Taking the Money Out of Politics

A Voting Advice System has the capacity to make money irrelevant to elections and break the stranglehold that corporate money has on the political process. That change, in turn, would  break the log jam that currently makes it virtually impossible to solve the pressing problems that confront our civilization, and that imperil our very survival.

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Rebuttal to George T. Will’s Assertion that Minorities SHOULDN’T Be Represented

Summary: Some otherwise impressive thinkers like George T. Will acknowledge that the American political system doesn’t represent minorities, but conclude that it is somehow a good thing. In fact, he asserted that minorities shouldn’t be represented, and, for that reason, electoral votes shouldn’t be proportionally allocated. This article aims to refute that notion, along with his assertion that it would be a mistake for Colorado to allocate its electoral votes proportionally among the competing candidates.

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