What’s Wrong with Distance Apps?

To my mind, there is nothing wrong with distance apps — with any and all bells and whistles their designers are able to include. They are wrongfully outlawed under the rules of golf. There are free apps that give you a “plays as” distance based on elevation changes and weather-report wind speed, and everyone has a cell phone. Why outlaw those apps?

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Three Great Putting Drills

A good drill has the characteristics of a game — there’s a challenge, you keep score, and you can tell when you’re improving. And there is a definite stopping point, so it isn’t endless. These drills have those characteristics. These drills help you score, and they’re fun!

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Training vs “Instinct” in the Golf Swing

I wrote this in response to a former instructor, who likes to keep people from over-analyzing their swing, and getting lost in swing thoughts when they should be performing more instinctual actions. He’s right, but it is my considered belief that he has skipped a very important step…

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