Book Review: The Shangri-La Diet

I’m giving this one a qualified recommendation. About a third of it is really good. That part contains the recommendations to supplement your diet with sugar water and olive oil, explaining how and when. Unfortunately, the remaining two-thirds attempts to explain how and why the plan works. That part is mostly pseudo-scientific nonsense. The space would have been better used telling readers what to avoid in the American supply — something that is much easier to do when you follow the author’s recommendations. As diet books go, this one will do less harm than most. And the book is well-written, so even the nonsense is an entertaining read.

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What Makes Kimchi so Healthy?

Korean kimchi is undoubtedly the healthiest food on the planet. In a tradition dating back thousands of years, vegetables are pickled and and combined in a multitude of ways that suit every taste. This article explains the health benefits that derive from kimchi in general, and the
Ultimate Kimchi recipe in particular.

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