DITA Publishing using DreamWeaver Templates

Using DreamWeaver templates, HTML generated from DITA sources can have its look and feel modified substantially — interactively, by a graphic designer by modifying CSS, along with the layout of “editable regions” and boilerplate. That styling does not need to be coded in the DITA toolkit, then, and does not need to be re-integrated into each subsequent release of the toolkit. 

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The JBuilder Java Bible CD

This is the CD that accompanied the book, for anyone who wants to access the programs it contains.

Here is a link to the JBB-CD.


  • “Hello World” application
  • Body Mass Index calculator
  • Register your user name (a web applet)
  • A WordCount application (count the number of words in a file)
  • Othello program – plays the game of Othello
  • Personal Project Scheduler – a tool that calculates time required for a hierarchy of project tasks, and predicts delivery dates based on the sequence in which tasks are undertaken.