Organization Manifesto

The goal of the Voting Advice System is to take the money out of politics. The system appeals to voters because it’s convenient. It appeals to social activists and their organizations because it levels the political playing the field and empowers them with a stronger political voice.

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A Letter to Ben Cohen

I sent this letter to Ben Cohen, care of his non-profit Stamp Stampede organization.

First, thanks for what you’re doing.

Corporations are a powerful engine for change, but like a chain saw, they need to be under control. Right now, corporations are in control, and that’s not good, because “Good for Business” all too often means “Bad for People”.

I began working on that problem in 2000, and identified a solution in 2005. I love the things that folks like you and Bernie are doing, and I support your efforts. But I believe that we need to circumvent the dominating influence that corporate money already has, in order to accomplish the changes we need. (After that, I suspect that many changes will happen, quite rapidly!)

I explain the rationale behind my proposal in the Voting Advice System pages.

If there is a way to collaborate on devising a solution, I would love to be part of that process!

thank you,
eric Armstrong

Organizing a Voting Advice System

To allow a voting advice network to form and expand on its own, the organization must act as as standards body. It must also provide an initial reference implementation to get the ball rolling and to serve as a model for others to build on. In addition, it must engage in public outreach , and eventually provide support services, in order to promote system adoption.
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