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Current Advisories

Washington's Misguided Priorities  (27 Sep 05)
This letter to the editor, sent to 5 newspapers in the San Francisco bay area, talks about Washington's misguided priorities. It never mentions George W. Bush by name--because as far as I'm concerned it's the people pulling his strings who are responsible for these policies.
Government Can Be Good for Your Health  (20 Sep 05)
You're a red-blooded, self-reliant, independent American. You don't want government intruding into your life, and I don't blame you. But there's something you need to know: You want socialized medicine--not for the diseases it can cure, but for the millions of premature deaths it can prevent.
Billionaire's Estate Tax  (21 Jul 05)
An open letter to the idiots in the NFIB who persist in calling the billionaire's estate tax and "death tax", and who now want people to tell their congressional representatives to oppose it, in the interests of "small business". As IF.
Democracy Under Attack--In the Media  (07 Jul 05)
In a recent blog post, Arianna Huffington asks why the media is ignoring a Karl Rove story that, by all rights, should get him indicted. But that issue is only one small part of a much larger problem--a problem that threatens the very existence of democracy in America
Contacting Your Elected Officials  (14 Jun 05)
From the Right Use of Technology Department: It has never been easier to contact your elected officials...
The Unsung Benefits of Universal Health Care  (27 May 05)
Even if you never use it, Universal Health Care is something you want to support--because it just may be the best way to ensure that you never need health care.
An Open Reply to an Angry Citizen  (18 May 05)
An open reply to an angry, health-conscious consumer...
Stocks are Intrinsically Worthless  (08 Apr 05)
In reality, stocks are no more valuable than baseball playing cards. In fact, they are valued in exactly the same way. That reality has a substantial, and undesirable, impact on our future.
Money is the Root of all Evil  (08 Apr 05)
In politics, it is indeed true that money is the root of all evil. The folks in Wisconsin's Clean Money campaign have done an exceptional job of pointing that out.
Americans Should Be Mad as Hell  (29 Mar 05)
They're growing fat, getting sick, and going broke. They've been taking it on the chin, and they just shouldn't take it anymore--because it's not something they're doing, it's something that's being done to them.