Why You Want MSM

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) is a naturally occuring sulfur compound found in every plant and animal tissue. It is the only bioavailable form of sulfur -- a macro mineral that is used in significant amounts in the body. This article examines the requirements and benefits of MSM for health, and shows you how MSM Lotion can be used to cure Carpal Tunnel and Repetetive Stress Injuries (RSI).

Eric Armstrong

Quite simply, MSM is probably the most significant discovery since Vitamin C. It's pretty much a miracle in a pill. (Since we don't eat raw food, fresh picked, we need to get it in a pill, just like Vitamin C.) It's good for preventing muscle aches and sprains, general health, and a whole lot more:

Why Sulfur is Important

That helps explain how it prevents muscle soreness, and why (along with Vitamin C and selenium) it would be good for the eyes. (The eyes see major free radical attacks from X-Rays, flourescent lights, ultra-violet sunlight. Vitamin C combats it, but destructs in the process. Glutathione peroxidase reconstitutes vitamin C, but it requires selenium, which is deficient in most U.S. soils -- hence the need for a selenium supplement.)

On the minus side, taking MSM in a pill does seem to promote indigestion, even though the long term affect should be help prevent it! It's sort of like exercise. It may hurt, but it makes you stronger. The thing is, if it hurts too much, it's because you're doing more damage than you can handle. So watch how you feel, and build up to the amount you need. (If you have problems, cut the amount in half. Keep cutting until you don't have problems. Then build up by adding 10% a week until you're where you want to be.)

Healing Carpal Tunnel / Repetetive Stress Injury (RSI)

In the absence of sulphur, scar tissue forms. The problem with scar tissue is that it's not flexible. When you pull on it, it tears. So if you rest for a couple of days, you feel fine. But the minute you start you to use those muscles, the scar tissue tears and you're in pain again.

The solution is to work on relaxing the muscles as you're using them, and to vigorously rub in MSM lotion twice a day for a few weeks. When typing for example, I work to lighten my strokes on the keys, and I consciously relax the muscles between strokes. That minimizes strain on the muscles. But it's the MSM lotion that is the real solution.

Vigorous rubbing breaks the adhesions in the muscle (the places where scar tissue has formed). The MSM lotion then provides the sulfur needed to rebuild with healthy, flexible tissue. Do that twice a day, and see if your RSI hasn't cleared up entirely in 2 or 3 weeks. (It did for me. The first time I did it, it was two years before I had carpal tunnel again. After the second time, it has been four years, and counting.)

Read the label. Be sure MSM is the first or second ingredient. My favorite has aloe vera as the first ingredient (also quite healing), and MSM as the second. (See the Resources for the brand I recommend.) Right after MSM became popular, several products came out that printed MSM in large, proud letters on the front, but which listed MSM back at the end of the ingredients. Since the law requires them to list ingredients in order by their amount, those products add their MSM with an eye dropper. They're useless.

Healing (and Preventing) Backache

As detailed in my article, Relief for Your Aching Back, MSM crystals are the cornerstone of the healing process!

More Information

MSM is available in health food stores, and it's quite cheap. When taken internally:


Here is the brand of MSM Lotion I recommend. It has aloe vera as the first ingredient, and MSM as the second, plus Vitamin E and green tea /Templates/health.dwt. Look for it in your local health food store, or click the link to buy it from TreeLight Health store at Amazon:

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