Poisoning for Profit:
What's Wrong with American Corporations?

American corporations are not regulated by the market, by the government, or by themselves. They are so far out of control, in fact, that they have a bigger impact on government than government has on them. There is no chance whatever to create a healthy population or a healthy society until they are reined in.

Eric Armstrong

If you've read What's Wrong with Partially Hydrogenated Oils? and What's Wrong with American Foods?, you know that the American food supply is laced with substances that are damaging to your health. But those substances, by and large, are not present in the food supplies of Europe and Asia--either because the corporations there are too ethical to include them, or governments are smart enough to make them illegal, or both.

There are some exceptions, though. Asian countries that have allowed the fast-food swindlers to penetrate their borders are begining to see levels of obesity and disease known heretofore only in America. In effect, they are trading their people's health for tax dollars.

But in Europe, for example, a corporation's board of directors is mandated to have representatives from unions and the local community--people who are more concerned with the health and well-being of their membership than they are about corporate profits. There is plenty of push for profits on those boards, as well--as there should be. But all it takes is one educated (or enlightened) member of the board to raise important questions, sway a few votes, and make a big difference.

In America, though. We do things differently. Some are even proud of that difference. I say it's killing us.

Consider the following:

Corporations Do Not Regulate Themselves

Corporations Are Not Regulated by the Market

Corporations Are Not Regulated by Government

Bottom Line

One Solution: Taking the Money Out of Politics

Are Other Solutions Practical?



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