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TreeLight.com – Home of TreeLight Designs (product development), TreeLight PenWorks (publishing), and TreeLight YogaWorks (provider of the “Instant Alignment” Yoga Meditation Bench and other products for yoga, meditation, and energy flows).

This umbrella site is the original home of Eric Armstrong’s “TreeLight Enterprises” undertaking. It is dedicated to lifestyle improvement: Health, nutrition, fitness, meditation, programming, software, golf, music, dance, yoga, politics, and philosophy.

The name “TreeLight” came from a weekend seminar conducted by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, founder of Jung SuWon. The morning sun shining through a tree on the hillside made it light up with an iridescent glow, like it was on fire. To me, it was the fabled “burning bush”.

Some of the best political commentary on the Internet.
— Jack Stewart, activist

Your website has restored my health and brought me back vitality. It took longer than I anticipated, but it worked. I have never been in better health than now. Please keep up the good work. I have recommended this web site to several friends and they are re-building their health and thus, their lives, because of it. Thank you again.
— F. Mathias, fan