This site is dedicated to lifestyle improvement, with sections on health, nutrition, fitness, meditation, programming languages, productivity software, golf, music, dance, and philosophical essays. The name “TreeLight” came from a weekend seminar conducted by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, founder of Jung SuWon. The morning sun shining through a tree on the hillside made it light up with an iridescent glow, like it was on fire. To me, it was the fabled “burning bush”.

Carnatic Student Concert

Drumming at a carnatic music concert. (Ok. Student concert. But still!) The drum is a mridangam. (It’s held horizontally, and played on both sides.) Carnatic music turns out to be “devotional jazz”. Like gospel, but all improvisational.

Eric Armstrong with books

Holding my book, along with the Chinese translation. (It has also been translated into Korean, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.)

The dedication reads:

To Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, for giving me the confidence, courage, and opportunity to become the writer I was born to be, for teaching me the power of gratitude and appreciation for life, for opening my heart to the joy and love inherent in the human spirit, and for teaching me to value each life-giving breath.
–Eric Armstrong, 1998