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This series of books dives deeper into various aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. The goals are to help create a better society, and to help you enjoy better health, perform skills better, and enjoy your activities more. This graph depicts major dependencies among early projects. (An arrow from one book to another means that the first book has a reference to the second.)

Current Books

Future Titles

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  • Golf
    • The Short Game
      A manual on pitching and chipping that tells what you need to control your short-game distances, effectively.
    • The Golf Swing
      What started as a collection of notes on my swing has grown into a book.
  • Yoga –Asana, Pranayama, and “Energy Flow” Meditations
  • Trail Running – Tips and techniques.
  • Trekking Poles – How to use them effectively
  • Shakespeare Authorship – Who really wrote Shakespeare, and how many were actually involved.
  • Activism
    • Politics and Health – A systems-theoretic look into the way that corporate greed, coupled with near-complete control of government, has wrecked the health of American society, along with the environment, forcing millions of people into bankruptcy to pay medical bills for preventable diseases.
    • The Poisoning of America: A subset of the politics and health book that shows people the substances they must avoid in the American food supply, if they want to stay healthy (and thin)–and which places the blame for the corruption of the food supply squarely on the shoulders of the major food-producing corporations.
  • Nutrition
    • Healthy Eating: If you can mix things together and heat stuff up, you can stay healthy.
    • Staying Healthy, Staying Lean, and Staying Young
  • Fitness
    • How to Use Trekking Poles: How to use trekking poles efficiently.
    • Guide to Trail Running: How to tackle the trails in style.
    • Magnetic-Resistance Training: An exercise and fitness book to go with the Magnetic-Resistance Trainer fitness-system invention. (See Ideas and Inventions.)
    • Building a Powerful Core for Looks and Performance: A book on abdominal exercise to accompany the abdominal bench invention.
    • Creating a Flat Stomach: A shorter book the explains the daily forces that work against a flat stomach and explain how to flatten it again, focusing on isometric exercises.
    • Power Training: Principles of heavy resistance weight training, why you want it, and what exercises to do.
    • Guide to Flexing and Stretching. A large collection of notes that needs 200+ photos.
  • TreeLight Unplugged: Selected articles from the website.