Rebuttal to George T. Will’s Assertion that Minorities SHOULDN’T Be Represented

Summary: Some otherwise impressive thinkers like George T. Will acknowledge that the American political system doesn’t represent minorities, but conclude that it is somehow a good thing. In fact, he asserted that minorities shouldn’t be represented, and, for that reason, electoral votes shouldn’t be proportionally allocated. This article aims to refute that notion, along with his assertion that it would be a mistake for Colorado to allocate its electoral votes proportionally among the competing candidates.

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This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Taking the Money Out of Politics

Most of the major domestic problems faced by America today either fundamentally stem from, or are held in place by, the impact of money in the political process. This information comes as no surprise to many. There may be argument over the details, but there is little question that money—especially corporate money—plays too large a role in the American political system.

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The Proper Role of Government

The left is often unfairly criticized as wanting too much government. Corporations, on the other hand, chafe under onerous regulations, while the right seems bent on tearing down government entirely. There is a happy medium, however. The goal of this article is to identify the proper role of government, to explain what it should be doing, and why.

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Where Marx Went Wrong

Where Marx Went Wrong

A Call for SYMBIOSIS of Corporations and Government

Marx was a brilliant thinker who got a lot of things right. He clearly identified Capitalism’s major problem, but unfortunately he missed the solution. His big oversight led to a false dichotomy in theory, which in turn led to “dictatorial socialism” in reality (a bad thing), as opposed to “democratic socialism” (a very good thing, as I will argue).

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