Boycott Hydrogenation!

If there is only one thing you do for your health — and your weight — it should be this: Give up partially hydrogenated oils, and boycott any products that contain them — not only for yourself, but for the positive impact it will have on everyone’s health and weight problems.

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What’s Wrong with Trans Fat Labels?

The current law is better than nothing — but the problem is that products that contain partially hydrogenated oils can claim zero percent (0 %) trans fats, while at the same time have as much as 2.2 grams of trans fat per “standard serving”. The labeling system is just too weak to keep partially hydrogenated oils (and the trans fats they contain) out of the American diet.

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How to SHARE an Article

Sharing an article with others is huge. It’s how information becomes rapidly transmitted. One way to do that is with the “social sharing” links that accompany each article (Twitter or Facebook, for example.) Another way is to publish something to your own website. If you do, it’s very important to summarize the main points of the article and post a link to it, rather than copying an article in its entirety. This story explains why.

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Killing for Profit – Who’s Worse, Tobacco Companies or Food Producers?

Tobacco is credited with causing cancer, but a deeper cause for lung cancer and many other diseases of industrial civilization may lie in modern commercial processing and refining of foods. Tobacco lawsuits have established the principle that those who profit from harmful products are responsible for the damage they cause. This article explores the possibility of performing “social judo”, by getting the tobacco industry to spearhead a revolution in the food processing industry.

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