The True History of the World

Pyramids, prior civilizations, and the possibility that life was reseeded from an “ark” in orbit, after some predicted catastrophe wiped out the planet. A short outline of a history we were most definitely not taught in school, making the case that there was at least one advanced civilization that preceded ours.

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Quotes and Quotable Sayings

A collection of one-liners and quotable sayings.

These are sayings I’ve either come up with or encountered over the years. If the saying came from someone else, it’s either attributed to the author or to “anonymous”. If it’s unattributed, it came from me.

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The Earthquake Solution

Earthquake prevention is obviously impossible. Meanwhile, earthquake detection and “early warning” systems are minimal, at best. But perhaps the best solution is proactive — to promote earthquakes. Because lots of small earthquakes are a million times better than one big one.

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Justice: Paying the Real Cost of Corporate Crime

Despite it’s many advantages, a strong system of justice is necessary to make capitalism work. The underlying principles of that system are critical to making it function effectively. This article examines the principles that must lie at the heart of the judicial system, so that capitalism serves humanity, rather than enslaving it.

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