The Fundamentalist Flaw

Fundamentalist religions give people what they think is an absolute right to dictate the destinies of others. The notion would be laughable, if the consequences weren’t so tragic. This article explores the impact of fundamentalism on future generations.

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Enabling Innovation in America

Innovation depends on several critical elements: Education, Incubation, Opportunity, Motivation, Human Energy. But all of those depend on an end to corporate control of the American political system. Yes, corporations are important. They are the most powerful engine of progress ever invented. But, like a chainsaw, they need to be under control, to be sure they are doing more harm than good. Finally, we need a way to implement the solution to that problem — a solution which can be implemented.

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An MLM Warning: What You Need to Know

Those multi-level marketing opportunities sound great. Lots of money, little work, be your own boss. This article gives you a dose of reality. You’re going to hear the things they won’t be telling you at that great sounding sales pitch. The systems are cleverly presented, and even very intelligent people get sold, because you don’t figure out how it really works until after you are in it. The point of this article is to clue you in, in advance.

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