What is the Path to God’s Grace?

I wanted to recall what it was the woman did in my Conversion While-U-Sleep dream to precipitate that wonderful state. I wanted to program myself to revisit that dream situation the next night (although the dream did not reoccur), so I began asking myself, “What is the path to God’s Grace?”. In other words, what was the situation that got me there?

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Managing Anger, Emotional Flow

I recently encountered a situation that brought home to me the kind of “flow” that Grandmaster talks about. It occurred just a few days ago (a couple of days before her birthday, in fact), and it taught me lot about both what she teaches, and how she teaches. The experience made it possible to look back on a number of situations I’ve either witnessed or experienced, and make sense of them.

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Breathing Patterns

Taking a Taiji class with master practitioner
Tony Wong, I learned a lot about meditation. In one seminar with a guest teacher, we received a surprising observation about breathing. It took a while to make sense of what we heard. This article records the results.

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