OMG. Watching “Amen corner” at the Masters golf tournament, live on the computer. With a high res monitor and full screen mode, its incredibly beautiful — like Pebble of the East, in terms of beauty, but the course is in even better condition. Just absolutely, totally beautiful.

Why You Want Ben Hogan’s “Power Fade”

…and How to Get It

Why is that most of the great players in history played a “power fade”, rather than a draw? My answer is that playing a power fade not only gives consistent distance control but, more importantly, it gives you consistent hand action at the point of impact that holds up under pressure!

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Swinging a Golf Club, WITHOUT Slicing

Getting a Swing, And Getting a Game

After years of playing the game (sort of), and thousands of dollars in lessons, I finally got a handle on where that pesky slice was coming from. I not only found out how to eliminate it, I found out how to fade or draw the ball, at will. It didn’t take a ton of lessons, either. Just a couple of good books and the right concepts…

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Finding the Right Ball Position

Ball position makes a lot of difference. Because of the way the swing travels in an arc, it makes the ball go low or high, and it produces a push or a pull which turns into a hook or slice. More than anything, it’s important to get consistent ball position — and that’s one variable you can control that doesn’t involve timing things during the swing.

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Finding a Good Golf Teacher

A “good” teacher is the right teacher — right for your ability level and for your swing. Finding one that’s right for your ability level isn’t all that hard. But finding one that’s right for your particular swing is real trick. Even touring professionals have made fatal miscalculations in that regard, and some previously stellar performers are now struggling.

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