Review: Sun Mountain “Combo” Cart

Very Nearly a Brilliant Design (4 stars)

If it makes it easier for you to get out and play, you’ll play and practice more. If you play and practice more, you’ll get better. It’s not perfect, but a cart like this one can be part of your strategy for having fun and playing well.

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OMG. Watching “Amen corner” at the Masters golf tournament, live on the computer. With a high res monitor and full screen mode, its incredibly beautiful — like Pebble of the East, in terms of beauty, but the course is in even better condition. Just absolutely, totally beautiful.

Finding a Good Golf Teacher

A “good” teacher is the right teacher — right for your ability level and for your swing. Finding one that’s right for your ability level isn’t all that hard. But finding one that’s right for your particular swing is real trick. Even touring professionals have made fatal miscalculations in that regard, and some previously stellar performers are now struggling.

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Golfers Guide to Grasses

Golfers Guide to Grasses

If you’re going to play golf, you pretty well need to know what kind of grass you’re playing on. It makes a difference. But nowhere, it seems, are there pictures you can use to recognize grasses on the course. This article attempts to provide that information, and identify the impact that different grasses have on shots from the fairway, shots from the rough, and putts on the green.

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