Why You Want Ben Hogan’s “Power Fade”

…and How to Get It

Why is that most of the great players in history played a “power fade”, rather than a draw? My answer is that playing a power fade not only gives consistent distance control but, more importantly, it gives you consistent hand action at the point of impact that holds up under pressure!

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Swinging a Golf Club, WITHOUT Slicing

Getting a Swing, And Getting a Game

After years of playing the game (sort of), and thousands of dollars in lessons, I finally got a handle on where that pesky slice was coming from. I not only found out how to eliminate it, I found out how to fade or draw the ball, at will. It didn’t take a ton of lessons, either. Just a couple of good books and the right concepts…

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Finding the Right Ball Position

Ball position makes a lot of difference. Because of the way the swing travels in an arc, it makes the ball go low or high, and it produces a push or a pull which turns into a hook or slice. More than anything, it’s important to get consistent ball position — and that’s one variable you can control that doesn’t involve timing things during the swing.

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Training vs “Instinct” in the Golf Swing

I wrote this in response to a former instructor, who likes to keep people from over-analyzing their swing, and getting lost in swing thoughts when they should be performing more instinctual actions. He’s right, but it is my considered belief that he has skipped a very important step…

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