What Makes Kimchi so Healthy?

Korean kimchi is undoubtedly the healthiest food on the planet. In a tradition dating back thousands of years, vegetables are pickled and and combined in a multitude of ways that suit every taste. This article explains the health benefits that derive from kimchi in general, and the
Ultimate Kimchi recipe in particular.

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Chia Seeds for Energy, Endurance, and Strength

If you want the lean, strong body of your dreams. You want to be more active than you’ve ever been, and feeling good about it, rush out to your local health food store and get some chia seeds. Don’t wait. Go now. When you get back, I’ll tell you how to use them, and why they are the perfect dietary supplement for your nutritional plan. Whether your goal, is sports performance, a healthy body, or weight loss, you want them!

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Energy/Fitness Formula

The drink you need when you’re working out — especially when you’re doing endurance work. It’s good for when you’re playing golf, too. (Golf requires the dexterity and coordination of a violinist, but it feels as physically demanding as running a marathon!)

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