Is MCT Oil a Scam?

Is MCT Oil a Scam?

For a long time, I thought so. But recent evidence has me rethinking that conclusion. MCT Oil does leave out an important nutrient for the immune system (lauric acid). But for weight loss and brain fuel, it seems that MCT Oil does have the edge.

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Chronic Cough

Vinegar Tea, Avoid Dairy, Wheat

A chronic cough comes from post nasal drip, a result of thickened mucous that doesn’t flow along the membranes like it’s supposed to when it’s more viscous. The quick fix is vinegar tea. A small amount in a glass of hot water (with honey for sweetener) thins the mucous pretty quickly.

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Bright Lights Hurt Your Eyes at Night

 Yellow Sunglasses

It turns out that is the blue spectrum of light that hurts. It’s more of a problem these days, because there are more cars, and the newer ones tend to be equipped with super bright lights that include a lot of blue. The simple fix is yellow sunglasses. They filter out the blue, so the lights aren’t as painful.

Muscle Cramps after Exercise

Muscle cramps after exercise generally point to a magnesium deficiency. People like me who drink a lot of coffee and acidic beverages generally have that problem, as well as a need for more calcium, as both are taken from the bones to neutralize acids. The solution: A Cal-Mag-Zinc supplement.