The Role of Trans Fats in Disease and the Possible Effects of Fasting

In his book Enter
The Zone
, Barry Sears makes clear that AA-derived eicosanoids produce the histamine and inflammatory responses that typify modern medical conditions. But the one question remains: What are the AA-derived eicosanoids responding to? What is causing the excessive AA action? From my reading of Erdmann, Budwig, and Erasmus, there appear to be several answers, all stemming from the introduction of trans fats and degenerated fatty acids (collectively: TFAs) into our diet with the advent of industrial processing methods.

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Oils and Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are responsible for every metabolic operation in your body. These notes underscore the need to avoid refined and hydrogenated oils to maintain your health.
Conclusion:You don’t need a low fat diet, you need a good fat diet.

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What’s Wrong with Wheat?

What’s Wrong with Wheat?

What’s wrong with wheat? Gluten. Gluten intolerance is not an “allergy”. It’s a condition where gluten literally sandpapers your insides, leading to a leaky gut and autoimmune diseases. And these days, wheat is essentially a toxic compound…

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