“TuneTutor” program

The TuneTutor program was something I was working on at one time, in an attempt to use the computer to help people learn to play music by ear. It’s a project I haven’t worked on in a very long time. This page gives a synopsis, and tells 
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Learning to Play By Ear

Playing music by ear is a technique that is accessible to beginners of all ages. It makes music fun, and takes the boredom out of practicing. It gives you the kind of challenge you get solving crossword puzzles, but builds a skill that provides innumerable benefits, including the ability to interpret, improvise, and embellish a tune.

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“Slow Sessions”

Slow sessions are valuable, and a heck of a lot of fun. Sheet music should be avoided while actually at the session though. For a really slow session, “trading tunes” may be a more useful concept than “playing together”. But with a really qualified session leader, both goals can be attained.

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