The Systems View, Part II – Financial Markets and Corporate Short-Term Thinking

Part I of this series, I argued that corporations are the major force in the destruction of the environment, that the average citizen has little political influence, and that the average consumer has little economic influence. This post shows how financial markets are putting irresistible pressure on corporations, how we are unwittingly complicit in that problem. The third and final part of this series then shows how the proposed social security “reform” will work to deform our environment and our economy even further.

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The Systems View, Part I – The Environment and Corporations

A recent edition of the S.F. Chronicle contained a story on pensions that mentions social security “reform” and a book review on the possibility of environmental collapse. On the surface, they seem entirely separate. But an examination of the deeper system impacts shows that the issues are inextricably interwoven — and the social security “reform” is really social security deform.

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Corporations – The Good News

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “Corporations are like a chainsaw. They’re a powerful tool, but if you don’t control them, they’ll rip your leg off.” Most of the articles on this site spend their time ripping corporations — but only because they’ve gotten out of control. This article redresses the balance somewhat, and tells what’s good about corporations.

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