Instant Runoff Voting Produces Better Choices

This short article by Martin Dyckman argues persuasively that Instant Runoff Voting produces cleaner campaigns and more moderate candidates who reflect the party’s mainstream, rather than it’s extremists. And it guarantees the person who is eventually elected is the one that a majority of voters prefer, instead of Naderizing the vote. (Naderizing: siphoning off enough so many votes from a similar candidate that a dissimilar, and less popular, candidate wins — as Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in 2000. Remember you heard that term here first!)

America Lags Behind Europe

With the 2004 elections ended, our ears are still ringing from the never-ending series of feel-good statements issuing from the mouths of politicians, about how America has the best democracy in the world, the best health care system, the best this, and the best that. It would be nice if it were true. But the evidence is clear: America lags far behind Europe when it comes to both health and politics.

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The Systems View, Part II – Financial Markets and Corporate Short-Term Thinking

Part I of this series, I argued that corporations are the major force in the destruction of the environment, that the average citizen has little political influence, and that the average consumer has little economic influence. This post shows how financial markets are putting irresistible pressure on corporations, how we are unwittingly complicit in that problem. The third and final part of this series then shows how the proposed social security “reform” will work to deform our environment and our economy even further.

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