Do Term Limits Help?

Can term limits act to counter the effect of money in politics? In my Jan 8, 2005  post at, I argue that they don’t.  I’m willing to discuss any idea that has the potential to minimize the impact of money in politics. But I don’t believe that term limits address the real issue. (The post is reproduced here, as well.)

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Instant Runoff Voting Produces Better Choices

This short article by Martin Dyckman argues persuasively that Instant Runoff Voting produces cleaner campaigns and more moderate candidates who reflect the party’s mainstream, rather than it’s extremists. And it guarantees the person who is eventually elected is the one that a majority of voters prefer, instead of Naderizing the vote. (Naderizing: siphoning off enough so many votes from a similar candidate that a dissimilar, and less popular, candidate wins — as Ralph Nader did to Al Gore in 2000. Remember you heard that term here first!)