My Crowdfunding Experience

This article details my experience with InventureX. As you’ll see, things did not go well. However, there is at least some reason to believe that the problems I experienced were due to startup issues, and that my situation simply “fell through the cracks”. I hope that is the case! However, for the time being I am leaving this page up so that others can be on the lookout. Read on to get the details of my experience and/or read the companion article to this one for advice you can use:
Crowdfunding Guidelines, InventureX, and the Competition.

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Ux and Writing

Ux and Writing

Ux and writing go hand-in-glove.If you want a lot of bang for the buck, get your writers involved in the project earlier. You may or may not need an expensive UI designer or an accessibility engineer. But you need your writers involved from the prototype stages onward.

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The Cost of Doing DITA

This entry is part 2 of 8 in the series DITA

When you’re evaluating a move to a DITA-based solution, you naturally want to know of the many benefits it provides. But you also need to know DITA’s costs.

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Design Notes for an XML Editor

This document contains a mixture of requirements analysis and design notes for XML editing. The lack of semi-ubiquitous editors for XML documents that are easy to use is seen as stemming from two causes: a lack of the appropriate GUI component, and limitations in XML itself. The limitations in XML can to a great extent be overcome by the design of the editor. When the required GUI components become available (most ideally for the Java platform) then XML will in all probability become the standard format for virtually every kind of document and data file.

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Encoding Source in XML

A Strategic Analysis

This document looks at the reasons and methods for encoding program source code in XML. It also describes the major issues that must be solved for the encoding to be successful.

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Pre-set Initial, Default Text in the WordPress Editor

It was a long time before I found the page that told me how to do it. I searched many times, and eventually found a discussion that gave a link, which took me to a page that told me what I needed to do. That page called it “preset text”. I had been searching on “initial text in WordPress editor” and “default text in WordPress editor”. Hopefully, this post will help others who search on those terms.

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