Design Notes for an XML Editor

This document contains a mixture of requirements analysis and design notes for XML editing. The lack of semi-ubiquitous editors for XML documents that are easy to use is seen as stemming from two causes: a lack of the appropriate GUI component, and limitations in XML itself. The limitations in XML can to a great extent be overcome by the design of the editor. When the required GUI components become available (most ideally for the Java platform) then XML will in all probability become the standard format for virtually every kind of document and data file.

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Encoding Source in XML

A Strategic Analysis

This document looks at the reasons and methods for encoding program source code in XML. It also describes the major issues that must be solved for the encoding to be successful.

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The JBuilder Java Bible CD

This is the CD that accompanied the book, for anyone who wants to access the programs it contains.

Here is a link to the JBB-CD.


  • “Hello World” application
  • Body Mass Index calculator
  • Register your user name (a web applet)
  • A WordCount application (count the number of words in a file)
  • Othello program – plays the game of Othello
  • Personal Project Scheduler – a tool that calculates time required for a hierarchy of project tasks, and predicts delivery dates based on the sequence in which tasks are undertaken.