The JBuilder Java Bible CD

This is the CD that accompanied the book, for anyone who wants to access the programs it contains.

Here is a link to the JBB-CD.


  • “Hello World” application
  • Body Mass Index calculator
  • Register your user name (a web applet)
  • A WordCount application (count the number of words in a file)
  • Othello program – plays the game of Othello
  • Personal Project Scheduler – a tool that calculates time required for a hierarchy of project tasks, and predicts delivery dates based on the sequence in which tasks are undertaken.

Ruby Rocks!

Ruby is designed for language construction. But the language you create isn’t limited to the features you think to build in. Instead, any language you build is an extension of Ruby — so all of Ruby remains at your disposal. Much of Ruby’s power comes from its totally dynamic nature. It’s expressiveness comes from its convenient syntax for the kind of code you generally need to write. As with any powerful tool, there are risks and complexities. But those issues can be managed. When you do, Ruby’s value proposition is undeniable.

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Getting Started in Ruby

A Guide for the Practicing Programmer

If you’re not already coding in Ruby, you may wonder how to get started — especially when it comes to the more “interesting” language features like closures and evaluations. This article provides some tips for ramping up, along with links to Amazon books. (If you’re not sure whether Ruby is the language for you, read
Ruby Rocks!)

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