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  • I’ve been running the website since 1998. It contains more than 450 articles on nutrition, fitness, spirituality, Yoga, software technologies, golf, playing music, and political activism.

Recent Books

These books come in paperback and Kindle editions:

Technology Work

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Previous Books

Mostly Java, but contributions to another two.

The J2EE Tutorial, Addison-Wesley, 2004 (pending publication).
A tutorial on writing J2EE applications using the Java programming language. Combines the work of several authors at Sun. (My sections introduce XML and XML programming in Java.)
The Java Web Services Tutorial, Addison-Wesley, 2002.
A tutorial that details the process for creating web-based server/client applications using the Java programming language. Combines the work of several authors at Sun. (My sections introduce XML and XML programming in Java.)
Java Programming in XML (JAXP) tutorial.
An introduction to programming XML in Java, using SAX, DOM, DTDs, XSL, and XPath. Originally published online at (now available via the WayBack machine, aka the Internet Archive), and as part of the Web Services tutorial & J2EE tutorial above.
The JBuilder Java Bible, IDG Books, 1997.
A Java tutorial that uses the JBuilder IDE as an instruction vehicle. Unfortunately out of date, as Swing components have replace the AWT components used in the book, and Collections provide a more powerful and more elegant mechanism for many of the data structures used in the examples. Errata Page for The JBuilder Java Bible
Unfortunately, many quotation marks went missing when the book went to press. This page tells where to put them, so you can make sense of the code. It includes a few other useful additions, as well as background about the book.
J.B. Rainsberger includes a very kind acknowledgement in the introduction to his book, JUnit Recipes, which I am compelled to reproduce here because it is so flattering:

“Eric Armstrong contributed more to the improvement of early copies of this manuscript than any other reviewer. If you decide to write a book, figure out a way to get Eric excited about it and it will be much better than it might have been without him.”

The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within, by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim,
New World Library, San Rafael, CA. 1994.

Java Publications

Note that most of the links no longer work, now that Sun Microsystems has been taken over by Oracle.


  • XML Tutorial
    XML, DTDs, Java APIs for DOM, SAX, and XSLT, plus filters, filter chaining, and how to convert a structured document into XML. When it was written, it was widely regarded as the best available introduction to state-of-the-art XML-processing technologies. Internet dog years being what they are, the technologies are no longer the easiest to use. But the tutorial is still a superb introduction to them. It was included in Addison Wesley’s J2EE and Web Services tutorials. The location changes frequently, it seems, but was most recently available as part of the J2EE tutorial here: (See chapters 2,4,5,6 and appendices A,B.)
  • Sun Java System Application Server 8 Quick Start
    A brief tutorial that let users confirm that the installation was successful and get their feet wet with the system.


  • Data Binding
    Converting an XML schema into Java classes. An explanation of APIs designed by Mark Reinhold.
  • Understanding the TreeModel
    A guide for using the Swing Tree component, co-authored with Tom Santos and Steve Wilson.
  • Understanding Containers
    Using window, frame, and dialogs. Based on an interview with Amy Fowler.


  • Java Web Start Development Guide
    Building rich clients that can be updated with the ease of browser-based applications.
  • Migrating from Java 1.3 to 1.5
    A compendium of issues and their resolutions.
  • Application Server 8 Quick Start Guide
    A 5-page guide to confirm that installation was successful and introduce the application server.
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