To a Politician who Wants My Money

To a Politician who Wants My Money

You are a political candidate. You want money. Fine. Before I send any, I need to know that you want money OUT of politics, with free voting advice.

Dear Politician,

If I sent you a link to this page, I support your cause. I really do. But I need to know that you’re not just trying to get money.

To clarify things, please declare your support for a voting advice system that lets people give and receive voting advice.

That system will be as costly as email. In other words, it will be virtually free.

It will make expensive campaigns like yours unnecessary, because the money spent by the opposition will, in time,
come to mean next to nothing.

Of course, I support your work in the meantime. But before I send money, I’d like to know that at least in principle, you support the idea of money-free elections.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that your recent request for money simply indicates your desire to get lots of money!Dear Politician: If you want my money, FIRST SUPPORT THIS CAUSE, to take money OUT of politics. Share on X

So please, Declare your Support for a voting advice system today!

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