Trump: No Special Prosecutor, Impeachment Unlikely

I just learned that Mitch McConnell has rejected calls for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Trump team’s ties to Russia, and Russian interference in our election. But as much as Trump should be impeached, and deserves to be impeached, and as much as we need a special investigator to examine his ties with Russia, I’m afraid that the Left is underestimating the corporate desire to tear down the American Government.

Government means regulation, and regulation reduces profits. Corporations want profit, and the best way to get them is to eliminate regulations. Using tax loopholes to starve the government of funding was one way to slowly eviscerate regulatory agencies.

But since Trump is delivering on his promise to destroy every government agency that stands in the way of corporate profits, they give him free reign. They don’t care who he owes, how many unqualified relatives he hires, or how much money he makes in the process, however unethically.

Should he be impeached? Absolutely. There is no doubt. Consider that the visitor logs are no longer made public, that the press was not allowed into the Oval office when the Russians visited, and that Trump had the largest smiles he has ever had when meeting with any foreign representative.

Then consider the fact that we only saw those pictures because the Russian news agencies published them — and that Trump was outraged about it.

Frankly, we don’t need any more reason that to impeach the man. Let me repeat:  


He should be impeached today, for the many reasons he has already given us. (See Why Donald Trump Should be Impeached.)

Mike Pence would be anathema to my views of justice and equality. But at least he would not destroy every institution of democracy that is currently in place. At least, he wouldn’t have, in the past. But given what Trump is getting away with, there is simply no telling what behaviors we can expect from anyone we elect in the future.

In our current situation, it is clear that if the Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House, then what we get is AmericaBanana — a banana republic rife with nepotism and corruption, complete with a petty, petulant dictator.

Even staunch conservative pundits are calling for impeachment. But will it happen?

That fact is that the DNC has no one to blame but themselves for the trouble we are in, for three reasons:

  1. Opening the gates to corporate money made the Democratic party into just another wing of the Big-$$ money party that has been increasing their control ever since the 80’s.
  2. The need for corporate money caused Hillary to have secret meetings with Wall Street, which was arguably the single most important reason that her voters stayed home. After all, what other choice did the Average American have? She clearly wasn’t going to help them. Trump might have. (Little did any of us know, at the time…)
  3. The DNC — ruled itself by corporate money — did everything it could to derail Bernie,a populist who could have turned America around. Instead, they sold America right down the river. We are currently watching it circle the drain, as Trump flushes every last vestige of respectability right down the toilet.

Democracy’s most amazing feat is its ability to deliver peaceful change. But the DNC cooperated with corporate greed to turn American democracy into a sham. If we survive the remainder of his 4-year term, we might well see a swing in the opposite direction — if there are enough pieces left to be worth picking up.

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