Personal Change Program

We all have things about ourselves that could use improvement — things we would change if we could, but that steadfastly resist change. But there is a way!

Personal Change Program

The Anti-Procrastination Protocol I’ve written about was been so powerful that I needed a new heading to capture it under — because what made it so powerful is the internal change that occurred, literally overnight.

I mean, I love to pay bills, and clean, and stuff. I’m happy that I get to do them! Anyone who knows me knows how big a change that is. But it is a by-god, honest, internal swing of the compass to a whole new direction. A whole new me!

It occurs to me that same protocol can be applied in other cases, as well:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Handle competition tension (comes up when playing pool well, for some reason)
  • Watch less TV (or at least, be more selective)
  • Become someone who likes to carry out various “social obligations”
  • and more…

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