True Love

Had the most wonderful dream last night. If filled me with feelings of positive energy, and gave me a sense of connection with universal energy of true love, in the context of a relationship with another.

Originally published 2016

In my dream, I was in India, or perhaps in an Indian subculture, somewhere. I was wearing a medallion in which the top half described me, and the bottom half named a person I was betrothed to. It was an arranged marriage, and not one I was looking forward to. We were about to engage in a ceremony where the bottom half would be erased, essentially creating a medallion that said “Position Available. Apply Here”.

I felt good about that, and looked forward to finding the relationship that would make me truly happy. But at that point, I realized that there was this blonde I cared about, and that:

  1. I wanted to make sure she was alright.
  2. I wanted her to be happy.
  3. After that, I could look to my own happiness.
    But I didn’t really matter. As long as she was happy, I was ecstatic.

As these realizations came to me in my dream, I was filled with feelings of true love, and I immediately went looking for this lady. I heard she was leaving, and went racing around to find her.

I finally caught up with her — it seemed like she was headed for a bus, at that point — and explained my realizations to here. Adding that:

  1. If she felt the same way about me, it could be a relationship of total bliss.
  2. But, as for me, this was the first time I had ever felt that way, and the important realization
    was that the ability to feel that way was the foundation I needed to have a blissful relationship with anyone.

As I explained these things, I could see her heart softening. There was a chance for us. I started back towards the common area, feeling positive in my heart. I took the long way, talking with someone, and passing several others.

A moment later, she went running by. (Looking good, by the way. I said so.) As she ran back, she said she was looking for the medically trained person in our contingent, to treat some youngster in hers. I had passed that person on the “outer arc” I had been traveling, and told her. As she ran towards that arc, I started running back the way I had come, to find that person. Because suddenly, finding that person was the most important thing in my life — because it would make my beloved happy.

I ran, and found that person just as she did, and opened the door for them to go back “in” (wherever “in” was). As I walked behind them, a male friend came by and said to me, “Good line”. Well, yeah, in a sense what I had said to her was a good line. It opened her heart, at least. But since it came directly from heart, in all sincerity, it wasn’t so much a “line”, as an inner truth.

Part of that truth was that inner knowing that it was a love that would stand the test of time. It wouldn’t fade away, as love tends to do. How I knew that, I do not know. I just knew. And that knowledge filled me with love — a stronger, more universal love.


As I woke, I knew that honesty was important, especially when it comes to understanding what it takes to make one’s self happy. That, after all, is one of the big appeals of “bad boys” (and “bad girls”). They know what they want, and are unafraid to ask for it — even demand it. And that gives us freedom to engage in behaviors we might consider “bad” ourselves — to arouse and ultimately please another.

But I also had the feeling that, with #1 and #2 satisfied — and with the knowledge that it was coming back, as well, it was more possible to be honest to the degree required, in order to satisfy #1 and #2.

Finally, it came to me that this must be the kind of love that parents have for their children. Not having had any myself, it’s hard to say for sure. But it certainly feels right.

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