The True History of the World

Pyramids, prior civilizations, and the possibility that life was reseeded from an “ark” in orbit, after some predicted catastrophe wiped out the planet. A short outline of a history we were most definitely not taught in school, making the case that there was at least one advanced civilization that preceded ours.

Originally published 2011

The Case for an Advanced Civilization

Clearly, there was at least one advanced civilization on this planet before ours. The evidence is astronomical, as it were. It is also written in stone. This write up summarizes the evidence.

Legends from India

Indian legends have characters flying around in ships and shooting each other. Some have dismissed them as fanciful. But here’s the question, things that are inate to the human mind show up in every native culture around the world. There are creation myths and rituals and all manner of commonalities.

So why is that India is unique in having legends of flying ships? Why aren’t those ideas exhibited in other cultures? After all, things that are “natural” are always found in multiple cultures. And why is that India had the concept of zero (which was imported into Arabia), and advanced scientific knowledge that we are only now re-discovering (for example, the very concept of dark matter, which was scorned by scientists right up until the last couple of decades, when we “discovered” it.)

“Invisible” Stars

There is a tribe in Africa, christened the “Dogon” people, who describe a fifth star in Orion’s belt — a star that cannot be seen with the naked eye. How did they come by that knowledge?

(Were I to send a probe looking for a planet that could conceivably support life, I would be inclined to send it to that star! Of course, it might take a few thousand years for it to report back. Still…)

Mayan Prophecy

The Mayans also demonstrated advanced knowledge that was reified (made into reality) using primitive equipment. In this case, it’s their calendar system. By adding one day every 55 days, and then adding an additional day every 255 cycles (or numbers to that effect), they managed to create a lunar calendar that was more precise than anything in existence until 1950, when computers got into the act.

How did they come by that knowledge? And how did they figure out how to manifest such accurate time keeping in such a clever way?

But it gets even better…

The “Great Year” is the time it takes for the precession of the earth to work its way back around to the same point in the sky. (Or it’s the time it takes for the solar system to move around the galactic center. I’m not quite sue which.) At any rate, when the cycle completes, there is an interesting alignment of the earth with other celestial bodies.

Is it a coincidence that the earth is now reaching that alignment, just as the Mayan calendar is expiring? I think not, because the Mayan Calendar lasts for like, 55,000 years — the exact length of the “Great Year”.

So the Mayan Prophecy isn’t predicting any great catastrophe. Rather it is a wonderful demonstration of seriously advanced astronomical knowledge.

Pyramids and other Stone Wonders

Plus the Sphynx, Stonehenge and the great pyramids in the South America — massive feats of stone engineering that we cannot replicate to this day! (There have been PBS specials that explain with an air of certainty “how it must have been done”, but a Japanese attempt to build a 1/3-scale pyramid using modern equipment was abandoned, because it couldn’t be done!)

Vertical Striations

Blowing sand caused the horizontal striations on the surface of the Sphynx. But only falling water could cause the vertical striations. And that could only have happened 10,000 years ago or more, when the Sahara was a forest, rather than a desert!

Artificial Light

But there is other evidence that points to advanced knowledge coupled with rudimentary tools:

  • Coptic jars that were found with two leads and divided segments — a primitive battery
  • A depiction of something that looks like nothing so much as a giant light bulb, filament and all, carved into Egyptian hieroglyphs, and shown within a pyramid.
  • The fact that the fantastic paintings on the pyramid walls show no sign of candle smoke!

So, unless the building was halted while the painting took place (which is possible, but unusual), then the painters had some sort of artificial light that allowed them to see what they were doing.

Incredible Maps

There are maps that show an accurate outline of Antarctica without any ice on it. We required penetrating radar, or sonar, or some other advanced technology to discover that outline. Without such equipment, there is only one way to get that information: The continent had to be free of ice!

With such equipment, the ancients could have done so. But there would be no reason to preserve a map! Maps are made for navigators, who need to find their way around. Had the continent been under ice, there would only be a need for a map of the ice!

So the continent was free of ice at a time when an advanced civilization was free of ice. When was that? Well:

  • The last ice age was 14,000 BC to 10,000 BC
  • When the last ice age ended, we got the “Great Flood”, of 10,000 BC
  • So clearly, the civilization that made the maps existed prior to 14,000 BC

In addition to Antarctica, the maps accurately portray many other seacoasts around the world. (They do so, however, using a variety of coordinate systems (possibly as a way of safeguarding valuable intellectual property from the competition). Still, Charles Hapgood was able to show that for each map, a single transformation could be used to translate the map coordinates into the coordinates we find on a map today.

–including the inland waterway of China — accurate not only with respect to longitude (which only requires a sextant), but also with respect to latitude (which requires accurate time-keeping equipment).

Source: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Great Flood, or other Natural Disaster

Clearly, there was a great disaster. The archaeological evidence shows that Machu Pichu (now at 14,000 feet) was once at sea level, fer cryin’ out loud.

Maps of Antarctica show that civilization existed before the great ice age, and before the great flood.

The huge underground city in the middle of Turkey could easily have been built to help survive the ice age.

There are huge underwater cities (or monuments) around the globe, showing evidence of the same kind of ultra-advanced stone work displayed at Stonehenge and in the Pyramids.

One off the end of Japanese archipelago shows lots of rectangular cutouts. The purpose of the “monument” is unknown. But I suspect that is a quarry! The cut outs would be the places where stone blocks were taken from. But since there are no huge stone monoliths in that region, the stones must have been transported quite a distance.

Survivors? or Extraterrestrials?

The Norse, like many other cultures, have a legend that says the Gods came down from the North (the sky). They lived in Valhalla, or Olympus, and came down from time to time to interact with the natives.

Extraterrestrials are one explanation. (Perhaps from the 5th star in Orion’s belt?) But an orbiting space station prepared for such an emergency is another.

Consider: After a planetary disaster, the remnants of humanity that survive could take generations to recover. In that circumstance, virtually everything known would be forgotten. Civilization would have to begin again, from scratch.

Such a space station could have preserved important knowledge, and sent down a pod from time to time to get the ball rolling again.

Or perhaps there was simply one center that managed to survive (perhaps the one in Turkey?), and it sent out planes and ships from time to time.

Today, there are “cargo cults” in the South Pacific that worship “gods who came from the sky” (downed World War II aviators). Those people worship the planes they landed in. After a few thousand years, those planes will no longer exist. But the legends will.

So planes and ships that came from elsewhere on the planet are another possible explanation. But then, if it wasn’t destroyed in the cataclysm, why didn’t that civilization leave any traces for us to find?

The most reasonable hypothesis, then, is the Space Station Theory, (if I may call it that).


Clearly there was at least one advanced civilization on planet earth, before ours. Many remnants remain as evidence. And clearly, there was huge disaster that nearly wiped out all of life. The recovery from that disaster could have involved extra terrestial beings, but a more reasonable assumption is that the preceding civilization played the most important role, possibly by virtue of a space station that re-seeded the earth with technological and astronomical knowledge, manifested in primitive form.

Of course, it is also possible that ET may have founded that civilization! It will be hard to say, until we do the deep water exploration required to uncover more of the truth — assuming that much of it survives.


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