Golf and Athletics

Golf and Athletics

The old days of playing professional golf with a beer belly are gone. Welcome to a new age of golf and athletics!

I was delighted when Tiger came on the scene. He showed what happens when an athlete plays the game.

He inspired a whole new generation, in fact. As a result, the new crop of young and strong pros doesn’t look anything like the old crop of cigar-chewing fatties waddling around the course in the 70’s!

Of course, even those guys were a lot more fit than they looked. On one occasion, when I went to watch a tournament, I noticed that Ernie Els (who looks like a blob on TV) has really strong,
pronounced musculature in his legs and back, visible right through his clothing.

I’m a former volleyball coach, in the habit of evaluating fitness levels. And I mean to tell you, I was impressed. The man is strong.

The moral of the story is this: A new age of “golf and athletics” has arrived!

Along those lines, I recently received pointer to a detailed, comprehensive guide to golf training. It’s more than 20,000 words, spread out over multiple articles, and it’s packed with practical tips and advice, supported by references. And it’s free!

It was good enough, in fact, that I wanted to pass on a link to it:

And by all means, consider the Tathata program. It has a way of building strength and flexibility, in addition to skill.


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