Recommended Resources

These are books, videos, and training aids I recommend.


  • How to FEEL a Real Golf Swing, by Bob Toski
    • Great book that guides you through the sensations that accompany the movements.
  • The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle
    • Terrific explanation of the way that each practice rep adds a layer of myelin sheathing around the nerve-system firing pattern, which allows the signal to travel faster and, in effect, be “grooved in”.
    • Explains the accurate saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
    • Recommends “deep practice”, which I find in golf to be slow-motion repetition of the movement sequences you want. (For which reason, when you’re training a new swing, it makes sense to stay away from the range and course for a while, so you build the new patterns you want, instead of reinforcing the old ones you don’t.


  • Tathata Golf
    • Terrific series of 60 sequenced video lessons that not only show you what to do, but that train you perform the movement sequences.

Training Aids

  • Impact Snap ($80)
    • Spectacular tool that teaches you how the hands need to move into contact. Made a bigger difference than a dozen lessons, the first time I tried it, because for the first time I felt and understood what my hands were supposed to be doing.
    • The link goes to the right-hand version, for righties. There is also a left-hand version.

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