GolfTEC vs. Tathata

Two great programs. Both highly recommended. How to choose.


  • GolfTEC is a great program that provides detailed individual feedback.
  • To monitor your movements, they have one strap that goes over your shoulders, and another that goes around your waist. They take videos, and along with those measurements, use a launch monitor and game simulator to provide detailed feedback on how your body is moving, in addition to the club.
  • They then compare your movements to those of a tour pro, so you can see the differences on screen, and they draw circles and lines on both videos to show how those movements are occurring.
  • It’s expensive. A series of 10 lessons runs $800 or so, depending on how many you sign up for.
  • Sessions with a regular teaching pro will generally cost half that, and be twice as long. But in my own experience, the sessions are many times more effective, so if you’re determined to get good, you’re saving money.
  • Each session last 30 minutes. You’re exposed to many good things in the process.
  • To master those movements,you really need to review the session notes, watch the drill-videos they send you to, and practice them.
  • The drills they give you can all be done at home, if you have a small chipping area. Most don’t even need that.
  • Their best deals are in March.

Tathata (tah-THAh-tah)

To tell you the truth, I am really stoked about this program — so stoked that I became a Tathat Affiliate. Here’s a quick overview:

  • $180 for 60 lessons that last 40-45 minutes each, that you can watch at your own pace. (A great deal.)
  • Each session is self-contained. You not only learn the movements and see them, you practice them along with the instructor.
  • Really refines the movements,with important bio-mechanical details that create power.
  • Trains you to perform those movements, to create an accurate, powerful swing.
(Save $10 with this affiliate link)
Learn more: Why I Became a Tathata Affiliate.[/vc_column][/vc_row]

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