Tathata Day 5 – Stretching

The day 5 stretching program turns out to be pretty intense. But there are ways to make it easier!

First, you should know that the Day 5 program starts off with the full-bore stretching routine. (As I struggled through it, I became increasingly impressed by Bryan Hepler’s flexibility!)  Here are some things you can do to get better at them:

  1. The Day 5 Daily Extras tab has a video that shows a regression sequence for the stretches, using a chair.
    You may well want to start with that routine. (The regular routine is shown at the same time, so you won’t miss anything.)
  2. As your flexibility improves, you can use a gradually smaller sequence of supports like this:
         Chair > Low bench > Stool > Thick Yoga block > Thin Yoga block > Floor
  3. You can also check out this post by The Golfer Babe on the web. One of her great suggestions is to do different movements throughout the day, so you’re not doing everything all at once.
  4. For additional comfort, you might try the SPRI Pro Exercise Mat. The folks at Tathata were kind enough to tell me that’s one they use, so I got one. (It’s nice and thick and cushiony, but firm enough to provide a stable base. It’s pretty well ideal.)
  5. Tathata also provides a great 2-page color poster that serves as a “Cheat Sheet” for the stretches.
  6. But in case you have trouble printing it out (I did), you can use the list below (once you learn the names!) to do the stretches at your own pace.

Outline of Stretching Routine A

  1. Squat and Hug
  2. Kneel, Reach, and Twist
  3. Upward Arch/Cobra
  4. Kneeling Backward Arch
  5. Kneeling Forward Hip Press
  6. Standing Forward Bend
  7. Single Knee Forward Hip Press
  8. Single Knee Small-drop Lunge
  9. Single Knee Ankle Twist
  10. Straddle Stretch
  11. Straddle Side-to-Side (one inch)
  12. Straddle on the Floor Upward Arch
  13. Kneeling Hips Side-to-Side
  14. Downward Dog to Pigeon, Side-to-Side
  15. Leg Up Twist, on Back
  16. Bent-knee Twist, on Back
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