Why I Became a Tathata Affiliate

I just sent this note to the Tathata Golf folks, to introduce myself, and explain why I want to become an affiliate and, one day, an instructor.  (See also: Tathata Golf Review)

I became an affiliate before they switched to an annual membership. At $200 a year, it became too pricey for those of in the cheap seats, and as a result I’m no longer an affiliate. (Still, the golf instruction is great.)

I used to coach volleyball, and was a martial arts instructor in an internal form of Tae Kwon Do known as Jung SuWon.

I enjoy the teaching process, and look forward to helping others. The one thing the video series can’t provide is individual feedback. So I look forward to becoming a certified instructor, one day.

When I took up golf, I was a volleyball player who was playing at the highest amateur levels, and I was a coach. I knew how to perform athletic movements, and how to train them. My buddy who took it up at the same time had been the gymnastics ring champion in the state of California. In other words, we were athletes.

How hard could golf be, we thought? Well, in a word, it was humbling. The golf swing turns out to be very*difficult. The most complicated movement in sports, in fact, with 19 degrees of freedom after you start moving, and another set of a dozen or so variations before you start.

Fast forward 10 years. I had played once in a while, but now it was time to get serious. Took a lengthy series of coaching sessions from an instructor. Played better, but had a slice that wouldn’t quit.

Fast forward another 15 years. Two more instructors, averaging a dozen lessons with each before moving on to the next. In total, I had 20-some lessons with my first coach, 10 with my second, and 25 with my third. Many thousands of dollars invested, many hours of practice time. Game was getting there, but was still not great.

GolfTEC made the first real dent in my slice. But in each half-hour session I got 8 or 9 things to work on. I didn’t drill them enough to ingrain them during those sessions, but I had videos and practice exercises I could use during the week. Progress was being made, slowly.

Finally, I decide to try the Tathata program. Wow. Day one is an eye opener. Builds up the stance and backswing in a step-by-step sequence, training you to perform the detailed body movements that produce power, rather than making a simple, zero-power “turn”.

In a word, the system is huge. I’m hooked. Day one, and I’ve been exposed to things I was never exposed to before, despite all the lessons I took. And I’m practicing the movements enough to perform them. Sign me up!

Subsequent days have been even better. More detail on the movements. Plus stretching, and mental training. Learning to sit strong, in particular, produces a mental outlook that is useful in golf, playing pool, and in life. Adding the concept of looking out in front only makes it better.

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