Dr. Oz Fat Burning Tips

The latest technology makes it realistically possible to “spot reduce”, a variety of teas help to burn fat, and a common amino acid helps, as well. As reported by Dr. Oz — plus a few additional tips.

Dr. Oz Tips

From a show I happened to record on Monday, Oct 29th, 2012. It may have been a repeat, since a baseball game was scheduled. Came in late, so I missed some of it. But here are the highlights from the part I saw.

Spot Reduction with Ultra Sound


  • Ultrasound breaks up the fat cells
  • Lymph massage promotes drainage
  • $450/session, 45-minutes to an hour
  • The promise is one dress size in a session (or an inch reduced, for guys)
  • But one session seemed to make a significant reduction in belly fat, in the demonstration. It appeared to be a lot smaller after a very short session.
  • Sessions need to be spaced a week apart.
  • Good for between 1/2 inch and 4 inches of excess fat

The Vaser Shape technique was demonstrated by Dr. Sharon Giese, Plastic Surgeon. It’s a two part process that combines ultrasound technology (feels like a massage) with lymphatic drainage (feels like gentle suction).

The lymphatic drainage appears to accelerate the fat-removal process. So where normal ultrasound takes several weeks for the fat to disappear, with this technique, the results appear to be virtually immediate.

Other notes:

  • It feels good while it’s being done. The heat from the ultrasound makes it feel like a massage.
  • There is no down time or recovery time afterward.

Two Cups of White Tea a Day, for ECGC

White tea has the highest levels of ECGC, which “coats” fat cells, and prevents them from growing. It also appears to burst the fat cells.

Four Cups of Oolong Tea a Day

More caffeine, plus ECGC (but less than white tea).

Morning Yerba Mate

Straight, if you have the taste or can acquire it. Otherwise, with a non-caloric sweetener like Stevia.

Additional Tips

Green Oolong Tea

It’s roasted a bit, but not as long, and it isn’t “smoked”, like Oolong. So it’s right between green tea and oolong tea — the best of both worlds.

Glutamine at Bedtime

It helps you sleep, and helps your body repair itself

Green Tea Extract

Take it with your vitamins in the morning.


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