Lose Weight Fast

Principles of weight loss.

Originally published 1998

Major Principles

Omegas in the Morning

  • The majority of overeating occurs to get the fats you need to run your body.
  • The omega-3’s and omega-6’s provide the free electrons that run bodily processes.
  • They make up the whole of the brain and nervous system, as well as hormones.
  • They transport oxygen in the bloodstream, and transport nutrients through cell walls.
  • No fats are “pure”. Even “bad” fats have some omegas. You eat until you get them.
  • Take them first thing in the morning, with your supplements before breakfast, or before you leave the house if you skip breakfast.
  • (For more info, see the Fat Facts information sheet.)

Coconut Oil and Minerals

  • Sea salt provides mineral catalysts you need to keep your metabolism humming, so it’s better than standard salt.
  • Even better sources of minerals are seaweed and sprouted seeds. (Seeds, in particular, do not form unless everything required by the plant are present, so they are guaranteed to have their full complement of nutrients — unlike leaves, which require only the 3 ingredients found in soil-depleting fertilizers.)
  • Coconut oil is fantastic. Cook with it, put it in herbal tea, whatever.
  • It’s burned for energy, instead of stored as fat.
  • It promotes the burning of stored fat, as well.
  • It creates a protective layer on your skin, in your sinuses, and in your digestive tract that kills any bacteria, virus, fungus, or yeast that try to invade.


  • Aerobic exercise twice a week
    • Yoga counts. Do that twice per week. Something more active the other days.
    • Walking 30 minutes to an hour is great.
    • Calisthenics are great, too.
  • Strength exercise twice a week
    • Releases growth hormone, which builds muscle, which burns fat.
    • Weight training is ideal
  • Endurance exercise once a week
    • Hiking, gardening, woodwork with hand tools, sawing logs, …
    • Anything that has you exerting low levels of energy for long periods of time (3-5 hours)

Fight Gravity!

  • Gravity and weight have distended the abdomen.
  • Even with weight at manageable levels, gravity continues to pull down the abdomen, arching the back and producing a pot-bellied appearance.
  • Suck the gut up, all day, every day.
  • Suck it up, not in. Lift the rib cage, pull shoulders back.
  • It’s hard for the first month, then it gets easy. After the second month, it’s automatic.
  • I had a terrible slouch at one time, my martial arts master, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, told me to straighten up and do it every day, or get out! It worked. All it took was discipline and awareness — the signal virtues of martial arts training — awareness to recognize when my posture was slipping, and the discipline to correct it.
  • Like the muscles of the back, the muscles of the stomach need to be shortened by constant contraction. In India, some beggar/Yogis put their limbs in strange positions and then “freeze” them there by keeping them in that same position for a long period of time. After a month, it gets automatic — the surrounding muscles have shortened, and other muscles have atrophied.
  • That works because the muscles shorten over their normal range of motion, which brings us to the next principle:

Be Slightly Hungry All the Time

  • Not a lot hungry, not full — just slightly hungry… all the time.
  • That keeps fat off, and keeps belly tight.
  • Also removes a major free radical generator — blood glucose!
  • Animals that get all the nutrients they need, but at fewer calories, live far longer than their overfed counterparts.

Fiber is Your Friend

  • Fiber slows down the digestion of fat and sugar.
  • Fiber makes you feel full.
  • It joins with the metabolic waste products that need to be eliminated, so they don’t sit around poisoning the system.
  • It sweeps out the intestines, keeping the drains clean and unclogged.
  • Raw, natural foods are the best.
  • Lightly heat or steam vegetables. (Cook until colors brighten, no more.)

Nutrient Details

Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s

  • Udo’s Choice is a great tasting blend of oils.
  • I like to mix it in a glass of water with Lewis Lab’s great tasting brewer’s yeast.
  • There are also Flax and Borage Seed mixes.
  • Flax Oil is a great source of Omega-3’s. But don’t overdo. (Needed in small quantities.)
  • Oddly enough, no one has yet thought to mix up something that matches the human formula. (Need more omega-9’s (olive oil) and some saturated fat for that.)
  • Don’t cook with omega-3 and omega-6 oils. They smoke fast and the heat destroys. (See the Fat Facts sheet.)

Raw Foods

  • Heat processing destroys fats and enzymes.
  • Preservatives destroy fats and enzymes.
  • Natural preservation using vinegar, oil, and fermentation is the only process that increases the nutrient value of foods. (Fermentation means “breaking down into simpler components” — which means the nutrients are more readily assimilated.)


  • Your food must be organic.
  • Otherwise, you are ingesting untold quantities of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones.
  • In addition, only organic soils have any decent mineral content. Minerals in other soils long since leached out by constant farming and “Fertilizing” with only nitrogen, potassium, and potash — “the big 3” that plants need (but we need more).
  • However, even organic foods may be grown on impoverished soils. There is no standard that says: “Mineralized Soil Organic”. (This would be a great use for colloidal minerals, as opposed to pyramid schemes with dubious, unproved health benefits.)
  • Even when grown on mineralized soil, the majority of phytochemicals form during the last stages of ripening, to protect against the sun. In addition, many enzymes and vitamins are lost during storage and the time it takes to travel to market.


  • Colgan group counts on nothing the food supply — too inconsistent — one orange may have high vitamin C content, the one next to it: zero.
  • Selenium and chromium are deficient in the majority of US soils.
  • Vitamin C, MSM, and Phytochemicals are critical — 1 gram each, at least twice/day. (Preferably 3). (All are foods, naturally occurring in a healthy food supply.)
  • B-vitamins are a waste of money. Folic acid needed for absorption, but limited by the FDA. Use Brewer’s Yeast, instead.
  • Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and other anti-oxidants are good, as well.
  • Others as indicated by specific conditions.
    (The list above forms a strong nutritional basis for general health.)

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