Chronic Cough

Vinegar Tea, Avoid Dairy, Wheat

A chronic cough comes from post nasal drip, a result of thickened mucous that doesn’t flow along the membranes like it’s supposed to when it’s more viscous. The quick fix is vinegar tea. A small amount in a glass of hot water (with honey for sweetener) thins the mucous pretty quickly.

Originally published 2011

The next step is to avoid dairy products for a few days. (Something that singers tend to do to keep their throats clear.) That works because dairy products that aren’t fully digested tend to thicken the mucous. If you notice a difference, its possible that you have a dairy allergy. But if a dairy wasn’t a problem when you were younger, but is now, then it’s virtually a forgone conclusion that your are gluten-intolerant. (See What’s Wrong with Wheat?)

In that case, the final step is to eliminate gluten from your diet.When you have a problem with gluten, the very first thing to go is the enzymes that digest dairy products. It can take up to a couple of years to heal the digestive tract — longer, if you don’t religiously avoid gluten in the interim. But as you heal, you’ll notice that dairy products have less of an effect.

In fact, you can use your response to dairy products as a way to gauge your healing — because dairy processing enzymes are also the last to recover. When I first identified gluten as problem, I had a congested nose fir a day or two after consuming diary products. When I eliminated gluten, the problem steadily receded until I had congestion for a day, then mild congestion only for the morning after, and then finally, virtually no reaction at all.

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