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If you’re fine as long as your head is still, and when you move it slowly, but everything spins when you move it rapidly, there is simple technique that can solve the problem. It’s called the Epley Maneuver.

If the world is spinning because you had a lot to drink last night, this maneuver won’t help. In that case, drink a lot of water! But if your fine until you move your head, and then have to hold still until the spinning stops, this maneuver can help.

The problem is caused by calcified crystals in the inner ear canal. This maneuver allows them to exit.

A friend told me about it, when he had the problem. A few months later, I needed it! I’m to say it worked a charm, I’m passing it along, in case it helps.

This is a case where the best way to learn the maneuver is to see it. Here, a doctor demonstrates the technique, and explains situations in which it is not a good idea:

That video points out that the problem can occur in either ear, and that you reverse the technique if the problem is in the other ear. But it doesn’t tell you how to figure out which ear is the problem!

This animated presentation shows you what’s going on inside your ear. It suggests that the amount of dizziness you feel when you perform the first step could indicate which ear is the problem. (I don’t know if that is true. I’m just passing it along.) 

In my case, I guessed the problem was in my right ear — maybe because that was the one I had the hardest time hearing with. I must have guessed right, but it solved the problem lickety split. (And what a relief that was!)

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