New Design for Yoga Bench

New Design for Yoga Bench

The latest design for the Yoga Meditation Bench is stylish and practical. And it readily translates into lightweight materials.

This is a quick progress report. A more detailed report is in the works, but this development was too good not to share immediately.

The  design firm I’ve engaged (Sevan Design) has come up with something that looks really nice!

Even better, the legs fold in a way that turns them into carrying handles!

When set up, latches under the deck lock the legs in place:

It should be possible to build it like a “chaise lounge”, too, using recycled plastic. (It was designed with that in mind.) That would be great.

There are still details to work out. (The main one being my two potential builders in India. I have estimates for my current design. Will they have access to the hardware needed for this one? How much will it cost?)

But damn, I do love the design.

Many thanks to angels Devang Negandhi and Jim Holmlund for giving me the wherewithal to make it happen, and to Kirk at Sevan for one fine design!


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