New Online Store, First Expo

New Online Store, First Expo

Much news to share!

New Online Store!

The new online store is at last ready for people to visit:
There’s lots of good stuff there–yoga, meditation, and lifestyle accessories, as well as the bench. Check it out!

The benches themselves won’t arrive until the end of May, alas. But they’re
paid for and will be in transit by the time the Expo arrives, so I will be okay taking people’s money.

Facebook ads will be starting very soon, to direct people to the store. (As you’ll see in the next section, information gained at the Expo will help
to figure out what those ads should say.)

First Expo!

At the end of April, I’ll be unveilng the bench (and taking orders!)
at the New Living Expo in San Mateo, California, aided and abbetted
by a local yoga teacher whose birthname (really!) is Jolly. (Could there
be a more person to help out at the event?)

Here’s a picture of the star-studded panel of speakers:

Here’s the banner that will be displayed at the back of the booth:

Here’s a picture of the survey I’ll be asking people to take:

That survey will help to figure out the best way to position the bench in
early advertising. But most of all, it will help me figure what to tell the
person about the bench! (It has so many functions and serves so many
purposes, it’s hard to tell in advance what will resonate most!)

I’ll have a big “Try Me” sign behind one of the two benches, as we demonstrate what people should do on the other. (And I’m bringing a folding rocking chair for when my back is exhausted!)

Finally, here’s a picture of the form I’ll be using to give people a free
back-alignment and leg-position evaluation, plus exercises and asanas
they can use to improve areas of weakness:

It’s a work in progress. That’s what I have so far. It’s one more thing that
was downloaded from the universe in meditation! It’s something of value
I can give people in return for stopping by and trying the bench.

More Gifts! (for you and for me)

The more I meditate, the more that gifts keep arriving. And always just in time. A few weeks ago, I hit on the perfect dietary strategy. (For me, anyway. And in that time, I’ve dropped like, 20 lbs! Without trying hard, and without feeling deprived. So yeah, it works.)

After seeing myself in the product video, I was motivated! After all, I’m trying to portray a positive, happy & healthy lifestyle. How to look the part??

A week or so later, the answer arrived in meditation — just in time to get in
shape for the Expo and upcoming workshops. I’ve written up the rationale
and basic version in an article called High Energy, Fat Burning Diet. (Available at the store for a dollar. Hey! I gots to keep the lights on somehow!)

Namaste, y’all.
Have a happy, peaceful day.

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