Yoga Bench News: Book & Lightweight Version

Short and sweet: The #BenchYoga manual is available for pre-order, and a lightweight recycled plastic version of the bench may be available soon.

Just a bit more detail:

  • The Bench Yoga manual (Kindle version) can now be pre-ordered at Amazon. Release date is 2 January 2019 — just in time for New Year’s resolutions!
  • With more than 100 drawings and many pages of instruction, it will provide a comprehensive introduction to the bench. Print version should be available by mid- to late-January.
  • Sitting outside on the end of my resin-molded chaise lounge, it occurred to me that the tail end of the chaise is a perfect model for the bench! So I’ve been in touch with manufacturers. Getting quotes now!
  • I’m also looking into “polywood” — pre-colored boards made from recycled plastic. Yet another option to consider…

That’s all for now!


The patent-pending TreeLight Yoga Bench is designed to make Yoga easier for beginners, and to help even experienced practitioners progress towards Lotus. It’s a perfect seat for meditation—as easy to get and up and down as a chair, but with many more seating positions.

The YouTube Yoga Bench Channel shows it in action, and explains how it helps your practice.

For more information, contact Eric Armstrong ( or visit the appropriate web pages:

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