Yoga Bench Update, October 2018

Yoga Bench Update, October 2018

We’re making progress! The Yoga Meditation Bench, aka the TreeLight Yoga Bench, is coming ever closer to fruition, along with a book!

Recent News

  • Second prototype has been created (a combination of a futon frame and a folding tray).
    Here it is with and without cushions:

  • Provisional patent has been filed.
  • Currently in talks with a manufacturer who can produce this version.
  • Meeting with small business advisors tomorrow.
  • Will meet with a potential supplier for the plastic version later this week.
  • Still targeting $150 for the furniture version (plus cushions) and $30 or so for the stackable plastic version. (Time will tell if I’m able to adhere to those targets.)

All of that comes under the heading of “business done right”. Under the heading of “DIY startup”, I invested in the tools I need to build them myself. (Now all I need is a place to build and store them!)

Discount Offer!

I am offering a 30% discount if you will verbally commit to ordering one in the next couple of weeks — because a stack of pre-orders will help me get investors, production loans, and/or manufacturing partners.

Tell your friends!

Book Progress

Meanwhile, the Bench Yoga manual is forging ahead as well. New things keep coming to me as I meditate, but much less frequently now, so the book is basically done. (Which is nice. One short meditation can be followed by 4 hours of writing, after which I’m drained!)

So it’s basically written. The 30 drawings that were created for the Quick Start guide (a future announcement) make up a third of the diagrams. Once I get another 70 or so, it will be ready to publish.

The cover has been designed, but it is too early to unveil it.
All I can tell you at this point is that it is mighty!

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