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A training record saves time, lets you train more efficiently, and shows your progress. And if you take some time off, it lets you know where you left off.

A training record is basically a spreadsheet. Down the left, you have the exercises you do, in the order you do them. A group of exercises you do in one session is kept separate from exercises in a different session, which makes it easy to find out the exercise you’re doing next.

Going across the page in columns, you have the weights you’re using. There should be a generally upward progression, going across the page. Here’s an example that has two sessions, with two exercises in each:

exercise #1
exercise #2
exercise #3
exercise #4

You can mark the next weight you plan to use, or add a mark like “+” or “-” to the last weight you used, to indicate the adjustment you want to make in your next session. Alternatively, you can write in the number of reps you did at that weight.

There are any number of ways to do it, but the important thing is that the next time you do that exercise, you know precisely what your target weight is. It can take a week or two to dial in on that weight but once you do, you can use the highly effective Romanian sets described in the 2-3-5, 7-11 Weight Training Program.

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