Simplified 26 Form

Taught by Sifu Tony Wong

These are my notes, as best I can recall them.

1. Taiji Beginning Posture – taiji chu shi

  • Wuji Stance
  • Ward left, Shift weight to left

2. ….

  • Step back-right, shift weight to right while sweeping arms right
  • Raise left foot to knee

3. Grasp and Tuck in the Robe – lan cha yi

  • Open left
  • Sink left, deep right foot to right: Left palm meets elbow.
  • Start arms left, then right palm out as it moves right
  • Tuck in robe (right hand up and out, left on waist)

4. Six Sealing and Four Closing – liu feng si bi

  • Left hand joins right, circle low (clockwise)
  • Small ball to left at chest. Turn and push to right as weight shifts to right.
  • Close left foot, remain on right

5. Dantian Change (Single Whip) – dan bian

  • Hands circle counterclockwise
  • Raise left leg as right hand rises to single whip, left hand cups dantien

6. White Goose Displays Its Wings – bai e liang chi

  • Step left, dantien rotates left, opening cup
  • Right hand circles counterclockwise with dantien to spread wings

7. Oblique Posture – xe xing

  • Relax hands, right comes to meet left, which comes down just a little to meet it
  • Continue clockwise circling of hands
  • Step left foot to left side, back of left-hand-hook leads the way
  • Sink left, Deep right to front: Left palm meets elbow
  • Start arms left, then right palm out as it moves right
  • Shift weight to right, right arm finishes high, left low, as left toe touches down

8. Embrace the Knee Paced (Twist) Steps – lou zi ao bu

  • Block left
  • Pivot on left toe, then right heel, as hands switch to left high, right low
  • Raise right arm as left foot comes to knee
  • Sink right. Deep left as hands stay raised
  • Left hand past knee as right hand pushes down, weight deep to left
  • Left hand to single whip and right to chest as body straightens up, still in low stance
  • Right hand circles clockwise with dantien to spread wings, still in deep left stance
  • Hands gather at left knee, then circle clockwise as weight shifts to right

9. Covering-the-Hand Forearm Fist – yan shou gong quan

  • Cat stance, left leg forward, hands open, palms facing, left high
  • Hands circle counterclockwise as knee rises
  • Set left foot as hands rotate in judo throw
  • Right hand stays in place as right foot rises and steps. Left hand circles clockwise to cover it.
  • Deep step with left to back as arms separate
  • Weight shifts to right. Left hand Chinese “8”. Right hand prepare to strike.
  • Strike, exhaling forcefully. Right fist strikes forward.
    Left elbow strikes back, left fist down and back.
  • Left fist slides down leg, right circles clockwise, wrists cover, left fist over right

10. Jin Gang Pounds with Pestle – jin gang dao dui

  • Hands open, arms open, weight shifts to right
  • Shift left heel to face front, shift weight to back left leg.
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Pound with Pestle

11. Diagonal Body-Stroke Fist – pie shen quan

  • Hands open low as left leg opens to left (middle stance)
  • Weight to left as right fist crosses chin, left fist goes low
  • Weight to right as left fist crosses chin, right fist goes low
  • Sink left. Deep right leg as right fist comes up and left starts down.
  • Start to left, then shift weight to right. Left fist crosses chin as right crosses knee.
  • Shift weight left. Right fist crosses chin as left crosses knee.
  • Left fist to waist as right fist rises to block. Stay low. Regard the fallen oppenent.

12. Push with Both Hands – shuang tui shou

  • Hands open, left moves up below right
  • Sweep hands clockwise, somewhat separated,
    continue around body to left as right foot rises
  • Now facing left. Hands continue sweeping clockwise from behind as right foot steps.
  • Push with both hands as left toe touches to the side.

13. Fist Presented Under the Elbow – zhou xia kan quan

  • Left hand circles low, right high.
  • Left finishes high, palm to side. Right finishes in fist at dantien.
  • Weight stays on right leg throughout.

14. Reverse with Spiraling Forearms – dao nian gang

  • Left wrist covers back of right wrist as left leg rises.
  • Step back with left leg. Open hands low.
  • Weight shifts to back left leg as left arm circles clockwise to left.
  • Left wrist covers back of right wrist as right leg rises.
  • Step back with right leg. Open arms low.
  • Weight shifts to back right leg as arms circle counterclockwise to right.
  • Arms move together down to left as left leg steps back.
  • Right foot comes up to knee, right hand low, left high, palms facing.
  • Right hand circles clockwise as left does likewise, but independently (opposite sides of circle), as right steps.
  • As left steps, left circles into down palm block, right palm poised at hip
  • Strike. Right palm/edge-of-hand high, left palm low.
  • Twirl around from left-facing to right-facing, right hand coming over high.
  • Stamp right, fast deep-low step with left foot to front, Left wrist covering right.

15. Flash through the Back – shan tong bei

  • Hands separate as weight shifts to left.
  • Left hand to Chinese “8”, right to fist at hip as weight shifts back to right.
  • Strike, exhaling forcefully. Right fist strikes forward.
    Left elbow strikes back, left fist down and back.

16. Covering-the-Hand Forearm Fist – yan shou gong quan

17. Six Sealing and Four Closing – liu feng si bi

18. Dantian Change (Single Whip) – dan bian

19. Maneuver the Hands – yun shou

20. Ground-Hacking Dragon – qie di long

21. Step Forward to Form the Seven Stars – shan bu qi xing

22. Step Backward to Cross the Forearm – xia bu kua gong

23. Swing the Leg – bai jiao

24. Head-On Cannon – dang men pao

25. Jin Gang Pounds with Pestle – jin gang dao dui

26. Closing Posture – shou shi

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